Through seamlessly integrating the most innovative approaches in development, design, manufacturing, and construction, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional living space, built in abundance.



Our mission is to accelerate the time it takes for everyone to have a quality home.



With almost everything people produce, we trend towards lowering cost while increasing quantity and quality. Providing homes is the exception. Could you imagine your smartphone becoming more expensive and doing less every year. Too many people around the world live in unhealthy homes, or no homes at all. To make things worse, we will be welcoming 2 billion people to our planet in the coming decades.


Clear Global strives to serve as a catalyst in reversing this trend through focused innovation and integrated delivery.



Kevin MacDonald, the guiding force behind Clear Global, brings over 30 years of experience in business and real estate development. With a rich and diverse career, he brings extensive experience in development, manufacturing, construction, and operations for a range of organizations, from small enterprises to fortune 500 companies including Bell, Scotiabank, Costco, Fourcast, and AmeriCredit. Under Kevin’s leadership, Clear Global continues to innovate and deliver exceptional and economically built environments.

Clear Global is a Canadian Standards Association certified manufacturer.